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Sportles - Super Strak met Sem

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Theodore Miller
Theodore Miller

__TOP__ Download From Beyond Jasper Scott Epub

When downloading content from URL arguments, be sensitive to the character encoding (#5600). We can properly handle UTF-8 and latin1 (ISO-8859-1); for others we raise an error. Fall back to latin1 if no charset is given in the mime type and UTF-8 decoding fails.

Download From Beyond Jasper Scott epub


Fix infinite HTTP requests when writing epubs from URL source (#7013). Due to a bug in code added to avoid overwriting the cover image if it had the form fileX.YYY, pandoc made an endless sequence of HTTP requests when writing epub with input from a URL.

Removed --epub-stylesheet; use --css instead (#3472, #847). Multiple stylesheets may be used. Stylesheets will be taken both from --css and from the stylesheet metadata field (which can contain either a file path or a list of them).

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