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Youness El Basraoui
Youness El Basraoui

Jazzanova Discography MP3 17

Jazzanova Discography MP3 17

Jazzanova is a German DJ and producer collective that specializes in electronic fusion music, such as nu jazz, chill-out, soul, house, and latin jazz. They have been active since 1995 and have released several albums, compilations, and remixes. They also run their own label, Sonar Kollektiv, and have a side project called Extended Spirit. In this article, we will explore their discography and provide links to download their MP3 files.

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Jazzanova has released four studio albums, one live album, and one tribute album. Their debut album, In Between, was released in 2002 and featured guest vocals from Vikter Duplaix, Ursula Rucker, Clara Hill, and others. It was followed by Of All the Things in 2008, which included collaborations with Phonte, Dwele, Ben Westbeech, and more. Their third album, Funkhaus Studio Sessions, was recorded live in 2012 with Paul Randolph on vocals. Their latest album, The Pool, came out in 2018 and featured contributions from Jamie Cullum, Rachel Sermanni, Pete Josef, and others. In 2022, they released Strata Records: The sound of Detroit. Reimanginated by Jazzanova, a tribute album to the legendary Detroit jazz label Strata Records.

You can download their albums in MP3 format from the following links:

  • [In Between]

  • [Of All the Things]

  • [Funkhaus Studio Sessions]

  • [The Pool]

  • [Strata Records: The sound of Detroit. Reimanginated by Jazzanova]


Jazzanova has also released several compilation albums that showcase their remixes, selections, and influences. Some of their notable compilations are The Remixes 19972000 (2000), Remixed (2003), Blue Note Trip: Lookin Back/Movin on (2005), Broad Casting (2006), Belle et Fou (2007), and The Remixes 19972000 (2017).

You can download their compilations in MP3 format from the following links:

  • [The Remixes 19972000]

  • [Remixed]

  • [Blue Note Trip: Lookin Back/Movin on]

  • [Broad Casting]

  • [Belle et Fou]

  • [The Remixes 19972000 (2017)]


Jazzanova has also gained recognition as remixers for various artists such as Marschmellows, Ian Pooley, Incognito, 4Hero, MJ Cole, Masters at Work , and many more. They have a distinctive style of blending jazz elements with electronic beats and creating atmospheric soundscapes. Some of their most popular remixes are Soul Quality Quartet's "Toda Tersafeira", Azymuth's "Amazon Adventure", Tate's Place's "Burning", Trüby Trio's "Carajillo", and Soul Bossa Trio's "Dolphins".

You can download their remixes in MP3 format from the following links:

  • [Soul Quality Quartet - Toda Tersafeira (Jazzanova Remix)]

  • [Azymuth - Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova Remix)]

  • [Tate's Place - Burning (Jazzanova Remix)]

  • [Trüby Trio - Carajillo (Jazzanova's Chant for Leo Mix)]

  • [Soul Bossa Trio - Dolphins (Jazzanova Remix)]


Jazzanova is one of the most influential and innovative groups in the electronic fusion music scene. They have a rich and diverse discography that spans various genres and styles. They have also remixed and collaborated with many artists from different backgrounds and cultures. Their music is a blend of creativity, sophistication, and emotion. If you are a fan of jazz, electronic, or fusion music, you should definitely check out their discography and download their MP3 files.


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