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Dig Tycoon - Idle Game: Experience the Satisfaction of Digging, Loading, and Transporting

Idle Digging Tycoon is a casual idle game developed by No Power-up Studios. Travel to a distant world inhabited by cavemen, and hire them to dig the ground for you in search of gold and valuables. Use the gold you've earned to build new buildings, upgrades, and new and faster tools. You can either lay back and watch your staff work, or help them by clicking repeatedly. Go ahead, turn this shapeless map into a lucrative business for you and your teammates. Do you dig this game?

dig tycoon - idle game

Your job in this game is to control various machines, perform tasks, and arrange everything. Players will not need many skills, but you will need to complete tasks at each level to build your own new city.

With this awesome creation by Sablo Studio, you will enjoy the diverse gameplay with huge excavators, and bulldozers. Currently, over 1 million gamers around the world who are enjoying establishing and managing their virtual construction company are playing the game. There will be lots of activities such as digging, loading, moving and, construction. Manage various types of equipment, the construction processes, and earn money to unlock new levels! What are you waiting for? Download the Dig Tycoon game now!

This idle game is an entertaining clicker that comes with economic elements. Here, the gamer will take on the role of a construction site manager and a company owner and take the lead in the daily operation of the site. Besides, the gamer will also have to control the movement of equipment and machines which will prepare the sites of future construction works. With a well-coordinated function of bulldozers, excavators, and other machines, you will generate a lot of income in form of unlimited money. You can use the earned money to purchase new equipment and hire more workers.

This is one of the most exciting games with gameplay where the gamer plays in the construction space, with various types of machinery and equipment. It has very simple controls and the gameplay will surely reduce your stress. Here are some features that make the game stand out.

Every time the construction of a building is completed, the gamer will get the corresponding benefit through the building. For example, the player will earn a proportionate amount of gold coins and gems. However, you will need to make even more since the game requires too much for in-game purchases, upgrades, and unlocking new levels. Download this game now and enjoy endless construction action with cool machines!

Mod V1 features:Unlimited MoneyDig Tycoon - Idle Game is a popular mining simulation game that has been loved by gamers worldwide.With the Mod APK version 2.4.3, players get unlimited money to build and develop their own mining empire.The game consists of various challenges and tasks, and players have to manage resources carefully to progress through the levels.The Mod APK version of Dig Tycoon - Idle Game makes the game much easier and enjoyable for players, as they can focus on building and improving their mines without worrying about running out of resources.

To download Dig Tycoon - Idle Game mod from need enable the option "Unknown Sources".1. Click on the above link to download Dig Tycoon - Idle Game mod APK.2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing it right away.

Dig Tycoon is a fun building simulator developed by Sablo Studio. The project belongs to the Idle Game genre and has a peculiar gameplay. The user does not need to be constantly present in the game, he can automate the process of obtaining valuable resources. This feature will appeal to participants who do not have much free time. It is enough to periodically launch the application and perform some actions.

In the game Dig Tycoon for android, the user will become the owner of a construction company. He will use various modern special equipment, earn good money and invest it in business expansion. First you need to choose a suitable site and prepare for construction. To do this, you need to use excavators that quickly dig up the soil, redistribute the earth, level the platforms. Also, the participant will have to deal with loading and unloading, delivery of building materials. This will make it possible to erect individual buildings and entire complexes, lay roads and communications.

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