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Theodore Miller
Theodore Miller

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by taking advantage of new technologies and innovation, career-oriented curriculum and flexible learning environments, students can now experience the learning process in a virtual environment. virtual reality (vr) or virtual reality technology is a computer-based simulation of real-world environments. it is a type of immersive multimedia, which is intended to immerse the user in the experience. virtual reality is the process by which a person's perception is manipulated to create a simulation of a real or imagined environment. the use of virtual reality is becoming more popular in the education sector, and this is often used to develop students' spatial ability and to allow them to experience a new environment.

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the virtual reality tools kit (vrtk) is an open-source software suite for the development of vr applications in framework. the vrtk is now maintained by the virtual reality developers group (vrdg) in collaboration with individual vr authors. the vrtk contains virtual reality toolkit (vrtk) and provides a basic user interface for vr applications. the vrtk includes a platform independent virtual reality framework (, a basic application framework, a virtual reality application development environment (, and a high level application framework for virtual reality applications. the vrtk is written in c# 3.5.

virtual learning academy is a fully online, non-profit public charter school that offers tuition-free attendance for new hampshire residents, and fee-based tuition for out-of-state residents. children in middle school and high school can choose a full-time online option or a part-time option to complement homeschooling or other school attendance. in 2015 the school served over 12,000 students, making it one of the largest online schools in the country. vlacs has become a model for other online public schools, with standardized test scores and sat scores comparable to, or higher than, typical new hampshire public school students.


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