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Sportles - Super Strak met Sem

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Theodore Miller
Theodore Miller


[Page 10] Before I came into Hungary, I observed no shadow or shew of the old Pyrrhical Saltation, or Warlike way of Dancing, which the Heyducks practice in this Country. They dance with naked Swords in their hands, advancing, brandishing and clashing the same; turning, winding, elevating, and depressing their bodies with strong and active motions; singing withal unto their measures, after the manner of the Greeks.



They follow here the old beaten way of Knowledge: and I met with few who had any good insight in new Philosophy; but there are many good Philologers, and are well versed in Languages, History and Antiquity: and there are many Learned Men either educated here, or come from other parts. Some who had taken notice of the Royal Society in London, were very inquisitive after it; and when I had satisfied them in all particulars, were very much pleased therewith. If they should fall into the way of Experimental Philosophy, being very industrious, 'tis very probable they may do much therein, and they were sure to have the countenance of the Emperor. I found them also much affected with the English Society in other parts of Germany. At the University of Altorff I was much enquired of concerning it: and a Magistrate of Nurnburg, who had got a Tilescope from London, invited me to his House, to practice the way of using it. Der Herr von [Page 140] Aldershelme of Leipsick, a Person of great Curiosity, was very inquisitive after the same Society. And of late years the Curiosi of Germany have held Learned Conventions and Correspondence, and printed their Observations at Leipsick. And since my Return into England, I have been sollicited from Cassovia in Ʋpper Hungary, to send the Transactions into those Parts. 041b061a72


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