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Theodore Miller
Theodore Miller

Mathematical Modelling, Classroom Notes In Appl... _BEST_

So far the Center published the following lecture notes: Product integration, its history and applications, Reviews in geomechanics, Topics on partial differential equations, Topics in mathematical modeling, Qualitative properties of solutions to partial differential equations, Anisotropic function spaces and maximal regularity for parabolic problems (Part 1: Function spaces).

Mathematical Modelling, Classroom Notes in Appl...


Copies of the classnotes are on the internet in PDF format as given below. The notes and supplements may contain hyperlinks to posted webpages; the links appear in red fonts. The "Proofs of Theorems" files were prepared in Beamer. The "Printout of Proofs" are printable PDF files of the Beamer slides without the pauses. These notes have not been classroom tested and may have typographical errors.

I am also fascinated with the idea that biology can inspire nanotechnology. While self-assembly today is principally driven by experimental advances, it is a promising field for mathematical contributions. Publications (papers, lecture notes, technical reports) Recent teaching I teach classes undergraduate and graduate classes in many areas of applied mathematics. In the past five years, I have developed several new classes that bridge traditional areas of applied mathematics (PDE, dynamical systems) with models and insights from information theory and learning theory.

The primary aim of our mathematical modelling programme at UCC is to provide you with training in the use and development of modern numerical methods and machine-learning software. You will develop and apply new skills to real-world problems using mathematical ideas and techniques together with software tailored for complex networks and self-learning systems. While there is a strong focus on modern applications, our graduates will gain in-demand skills in mathematical modelling, problem-solving, scientific computing, dynamic machine learning, complex networks and communication of mathematical ideas to a non-technical audience. 041b061a72


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