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Sportles - Super Strak met Sem

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Theodore Miller
Theodore Miller

[S3E6] Twice In A Lifetime

Lamar also managed to find an obituary for Gordon; turns out he lived an entire lifetime in the past, dying at age 96. Determined to save him, the Orville crew uses the time travel device to go back to 2015, but runs out of the fuel needed before they get there. They end up in 2025, which means Gordon had already lived out 10 years on Earth by that point. You can guess how well that all went down.

[S3E6] Twice in a Lifetime

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One theory is that it has to do with a drop in testosterone levels after age 65, but that notion is hotly contested. Other suggested causes include dealing with physical decline, lifetime losses of loved ones, difficulty adapting to changing technology, and dissatisfaction with living arrangements. 041b061a72


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