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Theodore Miller
Theodore Miller

[S2E6] Life Jacket UPD

It's 21 days to the weddings, and our fiancées are still adjusting to life at home in Chicago together. It seems couples like Shake and Deepti are adapting well, betting a fun date night on whether wasabi is a palette cleanser or not. Spoiler: it's not. Guess it's up to Deepti to plan the next date! Shayne and Natalie also seem to be settling in nicely, having put their argument from Cancun to bed.

[S2E6] Life Jacket

Danielle's mom, with her sixth sense intuition, says she's good at sensing people and approves of Nick for Danielle. At dinner, Danielle's family discusses a happy and healthy relationship with the couple. And as Danielle's father points out, a happy relationship can't come to fruition without a good sex life, pointing to the hickey on Nick's neck. Maybe try some concealer next time, Nick.

Another of the Davids introduced in this episode starts as a coffee boy for a boardroom full of morally dubious businesspeople and ends as the richest man in the world. Beginning with a scene in which David reads the minds of his corporate overlords and convinces a potential client to avoid a hazardous business deal, this David learns to use his power to benefit himself. The noble intention of saving a client from a toxic merger leads to a lifelong campaign of self-aggrandizement.

Hahahahahahahah i wondered why seo-jin ate the sim card.. like seriously crunched on it & swallowed without water. I really doubt that one could chew on a sim card like that in real life. Also, that video would have been in the SD card and not the sim anyway.

Episode 6 of Dark, season 2, An Endless Cycle, answers questions which have lingered since the beginning of the series. The episode follows Young Jonas back to June 20, 2019, the day before Michael Kahnwald hung himself, and gives us a baseline for normal Winden life in 2019. The theme of the episode is betrayal.

Michael and Jonas are the opposing elements that give balance to the universe. Light and dark, fire and ice personified, the Oak King and the Holly King. This is why Mikkel has to travel to 1986 in every cycle, and Jonas has to be born. In mythology and life, light and the dark each sometimes believe they want to vanquish the other and rule alone, or that they hate each other, but in reality, neither can exist without the other in some form.

Meanwhile, the Jonas, who has traveled from 1921 to this date and has a wound on his neck (which he covers up with his jacket), is spotted by Katharina, Ulrich, and Mikkel at an intersection. They are surprised he's not at the lake with the others and offer him a ride, but he declines.

Much like the title promises, we were given origin stories for Dr. Oliver Thredson/Bloody Face, Dr. Arthur Arden/Hans Gruber, a formative experience for Sister Mary Eunice and even newcomer, Jenny. We'll start with Thredson because he's not only the most interesting character on the show, he also happens to be the main villain. It turns out that his craziness is due to a long-held desire for a mother's love, something he was denied when his mother abandoned him. After a creepy scene between a younger Thredson in med school and a corpse that resembled his mother, it became apparent that Bloody Face's obsession with skin came from a longing for mother-to-son contact. Thredson even cited the revolutionary Harlow studies, which used rhesus monkeys to show that motherly contact was vital to proper physical and psychological development. (I like that the writers are referencing different practices of rehabilitation and true-life scientific studies that were contemporary to 1964 in these episodes; it's a nice continuation of the real-life homicides they adapted in season one.)

A pregnant Simone asks Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) to accompany her for the appointment on Saturday. On the same day, he has a match and as he doesn't want to admit he will bail out on her, he wonders if he should just "ghost" her. Simone is almost about to blast Jordan in front of his team, but Olivia (Samantha Logan) helps her calm down. Later, Olivia tells him to "be a man" and "respect the mothers in his life." Precisely then, Jordan takes up the responsibility on his shoulders.

Towards the end of the episode, there is a big revelation as Coach Baker hints on Corey's cancer threat being the reason he left his family again. To support his doubts with proof, Dillon brings a medical receipt of a test for multiple myeloma from his room. Baker adds, "When this kind of cancer comes back, it is aggressive and terminal." As reality hits his sons, they are taken aback. Spencer then realizes how his father was teaching him "the game of life."

Grace (Karimah Westbrook) helps Spencer and Dillon understand that they cannot do anything about the fact that Corey is dying, but together, they can make sure that Corey doesn't die "alone." Meanwhile, Baker comes to talk to Laura. He confesses how she is the "absolute love of his life." "I would do whatever it takes. But I am begging you please don't give up on us. Isn't it worth a try?" Perhaps, Billy and Laura will work things out and get back together for the sake of their children. The Bakers and James' families need to take some time off and process their emotions before heading on with their lives.

Tee continues to live a double life. He picks up Markisha and her kids in the rain after they were apparently through out of their home by Boom. Tee gets them a hotel room, brings them food and a game system to play with. Things seem to be going well until Markisha questions Tee about his living situation. He tells her that his baby mother and child still live with him. The two discuss whether they love the other people in their lives or not before Markisha asks him to leave. The next day, Tee returns to a letter than Markisha left him seemingly breaking things off with him.

Meanwhile, Fitz, Simmons and Mack are trying to figure out why Hydra would target Beckers. They discover the splinter bombs the Hydra agent used were first conceived by Vincent Beckers, a Hydra scientist who worked with the Red Skull in the 1940's and Julien Beckers' grandfather. Realizing that Hunter, May and Morse are heading into a trap, Coulson tries to send word to the S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house in Bruges, but Hydra has already taken out the team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents stationed there. Hunter barges into the safe house not long after carrying a case of beer and starts acting friendly towards the Hydra agents inside. This distraction gives Morse and May enough time to get into place, and the two of them crash through a window and start fighting Hydra. May goes after Marcus Scarlotti, the leader of the squad of Hydra agents, while Morse and Hunter take care of the rest. During the fight, Hunter saves Morse's life yet again, only this time she thanks him for it. Meanwhile, Scarlotti fights May using a whip-like weapon with a knife attached to its end. He uses this weapon to almost strangle May, but she gets out of it and is able to defeat him. Talbot and the military arrive soon after to take the surviving Hydra agents into custody, and reveals that Beckers was arrested trying to cross the border. Talbot asks may how many men she lost. May answers with "six," and Talbot tells her its always a shame to lose a good soldier and holds out his hand for her to shake.

With Mia on the run, Connor attempting to take his own life and Lee in custody, the gang who had been causing havoc in and around the mist-shrouded streets of Blaenau Ffestiniog, as well as its surrounding woods, roads and quarries, looked for all the world as though it had finally been cornered; their ever-violent tear halted.

Get up-close and personal with leading scientists and innovators as they reveal how cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs and discoveries will change our lives. This episode looks at how life on planet Earth can begin again after a global catastrophe. What safety nets do we have in place now to h...

Back at the marshals' office, Art gets an anonymous tip that Bobby and Carter just walked into a nearby bank. Moments later, Raylan arrives at the scene to find no obviously illegal activity. He meets two FBI agents and volunteers to head inside and check things out. Raylan quickly IDs Carter and Bobby in the tellers' line. The marshal tells the pair that Frank tipped off the cops to their location. Carter remains arrogant, explaining that he and Bobby are waiting for the armored car to arrive. Carter then opens his jacket to reveal dynamite strapped to his frame. Bobby, the smarter of the duo, given the opportunity by Raylan, raises his hands and gets down on the ground in a compliance mode.

Dr. Ira Graves, a prominent specialist in cybernetic technology, has sent out a distress call. It is picked up by the USS Enterprise-D, which rushes to his aid. The crew soon discovers that the distress call was sent out by Graves' assistant and that it was sent out of fear; however, Worf announces that the records show there are only two lifeforms on Gravesworld.

As Graves' condition worsens, he and Data form a rapport. Alone together in Graves' office, Data asks about a song Graves is whistling ("If I Only Had a Heart", from The Wizard of Oz), they begin a conversation on the nature of emotions, life, and death.

Picard confronts Data/Graves in engineering. Graves dismisses Data's right to life and warns the captain not to approach. As Picard does so, he sees that Graves has already attacked La Forge and rendered him unconscious. Picard implores Graves that he has gone too far, physically fracturing Brianon's hand in two places in the process. As Picard ramps up his case for Graves to give back Data, Graves reaches tipping point and strikes the captain across the face, knocking him unconscious. This act seems to shock Graves, who is disturbed that he keeps injuring people in anger.

"He's not simply an android - he's a lifeform, entirely unique.""Data is not Human! He's..!""He is different, yes! But that does not make him expendable or any less significant. No being is so important that he can usurp the rights of another! Now set him free!" 041b061a72


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