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Theodore Miller
Theodore Miller

Computrainer V4 0 Salesperson

The computer trainer is quite a bit different then the Computrainer 4.0 & Elite Cyclings Computrainer. The computer trainer comes with it's own computer with integrated touch screen & all the functions, but you will not get any power out of it. It has a very convenient system for producing workout. However, it's much to bulky to get into a trunk of a vehicle. I have a friend that drives a BMW and he had to remove the computer trainer to fit it into the trunk of his car. If you have a flat sheet attached to the back of your seat, you can also cover the computer trainer as a GPS satellite dish type. You can then put it on any flat object to cover it up.

computrainer v4 0 salesperson

I love my Computrainer, but I have one question.Is the pressure screw (that go into the right side) something that they will/can replace?I think it is important to have a good quality hard case on the bike if youre racing or are serious about training. The aluminium hard case theyre offering is just fine for the price, but I want to have something a bit thicker.

Lets face it, the visual feedback in all these computers aren't that great. They definitely do not have the same visual response as the Elite Axiom because that is just not possible. I know everyone says they are visually superior to the CompuTrainer but that is simply not true.

Please tell me the teardowns you had for the Elite Axiom are the same setup that you have for the CompuTrainer. I have found some plans that appear to do the same thing, but I am still curious about the exact placement of the circuit board and what components were used.


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