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Youness El Basraoui
Youness El Basraoui


BMW CIC FSC KEYGEN: How to Generate and Update BMW Navigation Maps

If you own a BMW with a CIC (Car Information Computer) system, you might want to update your maps to the latest version. However, updating the maps is not as simple as inserting a USB drive or a DVD. You need a special code called FSC (Freischaltcode) to activate the new maps. This code is unique for each car and map region, and it can only be obtained from BMW or some online sellers. But what if you want to generate the FSC code yourself? Is it possible? The answer is yes, with the help of a tool called BMW CIC FSC KEYGEN.


BMW CIC FSC KEYGEN is a software that can generate the FSC code for updating the CIC navigation maps. It is based on the work of the original FSC Key Generator and Intel123's certificate Patcher. It supports the calculation of FSC codes for maps of America, Asia, Eastern, Western Europe from 2013 to 2020 for all BMW cars with CIC navigation. It can also decode the FSC code from the 1B or NBT file that can be extracted from the car using an ENET cable or a BMW ICOM interface.



The BMW CIC FSC KEYGEN is available for Windows, Linux and OSX operating systems. It can be downloaded from various online sources, such as BIMMERPOST or MHH Auto. To use it, you need to follow these steps:

  • READ FSC: Open the BMW CIC FSC KEYGEN software on your computer and click "Read FSC". Select your BMW chassis, e.g E-series, and click "Connect". Click "Read VIN" and the software will display your vehicle information. Click "Read FSC (1B)" and save the file to your computer. Alternatively, you can use an ENET cable or a BMW ICOM interface to extract the 1B or NBT file from your car.

  • DECODE FSC: Go back to the main menu of the BMW CIC FSC KEYGEN software and select "DECODE FSC". Click "Load file" and load the 1B or NBT file that you saved or extracted in the previous step. The software will decode the FSC code and display it on the screen. You can also save it to a text file for later use.

  • UPDATE MAPS: Download the latest map data for your region from BMW or other sources. Copy the map data to a USB drive or a DVD. Insert the USB drive or DVD into your car's USB port or DVD drive. Enter the FSC code that you generated or decoded using the BMW CIC FSC KEYGEN software. The system will verify the code and start updating the maps. Wait until the update is completed and enjoy your new maps.


BMW CIC FSC KEYGEN is a useful tool for generating and decoding the FSC code for updating the CIC navigation maps. It can save you money and time by avoiding going to BMW dealers or buying codes online. However, it is not an official tool and it may not work for all cars and maps. Use it at your own risk and make sure you have a backup of your original files before updating. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the developers of the tool or seek help from online forums.


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