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Theodore Miller
Theodore Miller

Malayalam Essay On Media

11. the internet brings new ways of technologies are changing media markets. originally, media relied on centralised distribution to control the flow of information. as the internet has become mainstream, the new digital distribution models have emerged. people who want to share their work have to learn new ways of distributing information, such as video sharing platforms like youtube. even traditional news outlets are rethinking the way they distribute content online.

malayalam essay on media

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12. dissent and alternative media gets harder to find.the need to have a broad range of views and opinions is becoming less important. as an increasing number of people have access to social media and the internet, a similar number of people are able to easily find views that they agree with. because of this, there is less need for alternative media.

social media users are able to express their views with ease. this becomes a problem when they are not checked by a traditional media company. the internet is great at allowing people to speak, but it is important to make sure that they are speaking the truth. this is where traditional media will come in.

this is why traditional media has a place in the age of the internet. the lack of gatekeepers will mean that information will flow more freely. however, it is important for people to check information because there are more people sharing information.

in conclusion, i believe that the internet, and social media in particular, has the potential to change our world. the internet and social media are largely a force for good and we have seen that with the ability to access information on an international scale, the world becomes smaller. this is especially true with the ability to connect people who share the same interests and beliefs. we may be connected to people in far away lands, but the time difference is irrelevant. people can communicate with one another like they would speak to people in the same house or city. as nicholas lehrer pointed out, that is what really matters. people just want to be loved and cared for. and the internet gives us the tools to do that.


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